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Ever thought of an MV port of this?

Yes, I have! Unfortunately I don't have MV yet but I'm working to get it!

Well I wouldn't mind helping out with that. I have MV and can help with porting it over. A New Home + is an example that I've done for porting.

So would you like me to help port it over to MV? I wouldn't mind at all.

Your call though ok?

So sound good?

OR should we discuss this more by email?

Nice graphics, can't wait to explore the rest and get to know the characters!

I really liked this demo can't wait for the full game

Cute Game :3 Can you tell me where to find Wendy? Pleease TT v TT

why i see three download files for windows?

As of now I'm unsure if RPGMaker can port to Macs or elsewhere. I created three downloads in case if some people didn't have software to unzip rar files.

Nice, couldn't find the first quest characters though :/

Hiya! The first side-quest's character is the one to the right, standing in front of the large map in the Obsidian District! however, thank you for playing my game!

Nice artwork! When to expect full version? ;)

I balance school and work time on games, but I'm working very hard in hopes to release it this year, or perhaps in early 2018!