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Welcome to Somneo City!

"Happy Melancholic Kid" is an episodic exploration based game being made in RPGMaker VX Ace. Each episode will revolve around a different character, so there will be more than one protagonist. The first episode will contain futuristic themes, city life, and what makes a person feel "alive." The plot in these games will also be straight-forward, but if you don't take the time to explore the whole city, you could miss some important details. There are two ways to play the first game: casual and curious.

Sunny Saturday is the sixth android in the NAN.AI.IRO System to be made by the ingenious Professor Amita. Once she is booted up, she is given a task by the professor to learn about the many different emotions both humans and non-humans share. However, she won't be alone on her mission. Join Saturday and her two siblings as they wander throughout the "city that never sleeps" and meet new and mysterious faces along the way! Make friends, help out the fellow citizens of the city, and unlock mysteries and secrets that are hiding within the concrete jungle!

How many emotions will you find on your trip? Who will you encounter? What things will you learn? It's time to get curious!

This is just a demo, as there will be later builds and an eventual full release in the future. There are possibilities that there might be bugs in the game, so please report it to me if you spot any! Once again, I repeat, this is just a demo. The story in this game is incomplete, and serves as more as an open introduction into the game's actual story. As a side-note, RPGMaker games may not be for everyone. Don't judge it when someone else plays it, but judge it by how you play it.

Install instructions

In case if by reasons unknown or possibly that unpacking the game did not include, please make sure you have the RTP for VX Ace installed. You can find it in the link below.


Also I advise everyone to please read the readme document I've included in the package before you give the demo a try. It includes warnings and disclaimers that you may want to look into.


HMKid! EP1 Demo.exe 275 MB
HMKid! EP1 Demo.rar 277 MB
HMKid! EP1 Demo.zip 278 MB


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is this still alive?


This game is amazing, i can't wait to the next episode be released. I also loved the easter egg of eureka seven


First time I've ever commented on a game (I think). The visuals and character designs are absolutely beautiful. I got lost after I got out of the lab fairly quickly, as I tend to do because I forget what my actual objective is, but I will definitely be on the lookout for the full release/more episodes. Great stuff.


this was rlly good!! i cant wait for the next update also whos the purple girl at the top of the screen? next to weedee

I know I'm not the dev, but the purple girl is Talula! You don't meet her in the demo yet afaik

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I loved everything about this demo! First of all the character design, it's so beautiful! I'm really curious about the full game and I can't wait to play more!

Can you make a BR version

This game seems cool! I hope you can find a way to port this to Mac! <3

(I made sure there were no spoilers in this comment) I loved this game! Though I did find a glitch, once you find the two androids, report back, and go out into the city if you talk to the two people infront of the red-ish building (bubble tea I believe) it will be an endless loop of them talking and there is no way out

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I just got done playing your demo, and I loved it! x3

I can't wait until the full release of this game, keep up the good work!

This game was so much fun! I can't wait for the full version!

Amazing, unique and beautiful. I streamed this game and I loved everything about it. The only issue I had was that it was too short! I can't wait to play more!

I loved it so much! I really am curious for the full game<3 hope it's released soon!


Bug in the jazz club: when you're running around placing candles, it's possible to pick up another dust bunny. I'm not sure how I pulled this off exactly, I think I was behind the lower-right water tank mashing the action button. This will trap the player inside the club; the presence of the dust bunny in the inventory flags that the task is incomplete. Nor can you throw it away since you only have one.


Just played through the demo, and I'm already in love with it~! Words can't describe how much potential I feel there is within the characters, art, music, concept, everything. Fubuki is best girl, tho

As far as any bugs or stuff like that the way the game encouraged addressing, I kinda did notice that when hitting the move buttons during dialogue boxes, the walking SE juts in and stuff, not to mention when around a door or such, you can be facing away from it and accidentally interact with it.

Despite this, though, none of these issues affected my experience, and overall I enjoyed every second I got out of it. Here's hoping the full game sees a lovely release! And erm, perhaps even an equally lovely fandom so more Fubuki love comes our way~


This game is amazing! Can't wait for the full release!


Ever thought of an MV port of this?

Yes, I have! Unfortunately I don't have MV yet but I'm working to get it!

Well I wouldn't mind helping out with that. I have MV and can help with porting it over. A New Home + is an example that I've done for porting.

So would you like me to help port it over to MV? I wouldn't mind at all.

Your call though ok?

So sound good?

OR should we discuss this more by email?

Nice graphics, can't wait to explore the rest and get to know the characters!

I really liked this demo can't wait for the full game

Cute Game :3 Can you tell me where to find Wendy? Pleease TT v TT

why i see three download files for windows?

As of now I'm unsure if RPGMaker can port to Macs or elsewhere. I created three downloads in case if some people didn't have software to unzip rar files.

Nice, couldn't find the first quest characters though :/

Hiya! The first side-quest's character is the one to the right, standing in front of the large map in the Obsidian District! however, thank you for playing my game!

Nice artwork! When to expect full version? ;)

I balance school and work time on games, but I'm working very hard in hopes to release it this year, or perhaps in early 2018!